YOUR BRAND: 3-Layer Face Cover

YOUR BRAND: 3-Layer Face Cover

Personalise these face covers with YOUR BRAND. Multiple colours available.


Three layer, face cover made of 100% skin-friendly cotton (inner and outer layers), rayon (middle layer) with a soft spandex strap.  Features a nose bridge and adjustable ear loops. 1x  PM2.5 five-layer filter included  (non-woven, melt-blown + activated carbon, fabric).


MASK’D face covers can be washed and reused, reducing landfill waste and enabling the more frequent use of clean face covers when compared with single-use, disposable face covers. 


Our face covers are soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear. They reduce exposure to airborne contaminants and harmful particles including dust, pollution and respiratory droplets.


A selection of fabric colours is available.


Size:  ADULT: Face covering: 23 x 14cm, Filter: 12x8cm. CHILD: Face covering: 18x12cm, Filter: 10x7cm.

**10 pack of filters available for purchase.


We cannot guarantee wearing this face covering will eliminate the risk of infection or contracting a disease.


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    1. It is recommended that you wash your face covering before the first wear.
    2. Ensure your face covering is clean and dry and is not damaged.
    3. Before putting the covering on your face, clean your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser containing at least 60% alcohol. Ensure your hands are dry.
    4. Place the covering over your nose and mouth and secure the loops over your ears. Make sure the covering fits snugly, moulded to your face and around your nose, covering your nose, mouth and chin. You should be able to breathe easily.
    5. Do not touch the front of your face covering, and avoid touching your face.
    6. Replace the face covering and filter if it becomes damp, damaged or soiled.
    7. Remove your face covering with clean, dry hands without touching the front of the covering. Clean or dispose of it appropriately, and clean and dry your hands again.
    8. Your face covering can be washed in a washing machine with washing detergent at 60 degrees Celsius. Dry the covering completely before you use it again. Do not use a damp covering or filter. NOTE: Filters cannot be washed for reuse.
    9. The use of a face covering complements other basic hygiene measures that together help to protect yourself and others from community transmission of COVID-19.